Heat Trace Testing, Installation and Design

New materials and controls have made heat trace systems an efficient method of avoiding heat loss and providing temperature control in process equipment. With a wider range of choices and new temperature options and control capabilities, the overall system design has been greatly simplified. The following information outlines some tips for successful heat trace system design.


Heat Trace Testing Procedures


Heat Trace Installation Inspection Manitenance Log

Heat Trace Cable IOM Manual


Heat Trace Design Guide

Pipe Heat Trace Design Worksheet

Tank Heat Trace Design Worksheet



Chromalox heat trace products and services save you time, reduce the cost of ownership, and protect valuable plant equipment and products. For new systems or easy expansion, repair and retrofitting of older systems, Chromalox will:
  • Reduce design efforts
  • Reduce component cost
  • Reduce installation time
  • Reduce montoring costs
  • Reduce yield losses
  • Reduce maintenance down-time


A large inventory of cable types, controllers and accessories makes it easy to quickly construct a system that is just right for your application. From a single loop installation to those with 24 loops or more, Chromalox supplies everything needed to design, build and operate efficient heat trace systems.



  • Computer aided design software
  • Design tutorials
  • Engineering specifications
  • Installation instructions
  • Maintenance checklist
  • Application specific design guides
  • Online webcast seminars
  • Web-based interactive demos
  • Specifying guides and forms
  • Detailed user manual
  • Troubleshooting guide

Chromalox speeds up development and delivery of your heat trace system with one-to-one application assistance, system design, product cross-reference and selection, electrical layout/drafting services, and fast RFQ response. Our services are also available for on-site installation supervision, system start-up, troubleshooting, and maintenance.