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United Electric UE Vanguard Toxic and Combustable Gas Detector
Toxic and Combustible Wireless HART® Gas Detector
Wire Less.  Save More.
Wireless gas detectors can augment existing gas detection coverage with minimal financial and labor outlay.
Electrically Actuated Pressure Regulation Electric actuation provides benefits such as lock-in-last-place, eliminates constant bleed, low power consumption and more.
SIL 2 Certified Safety Transmitter Instead of a costly, overcomplicated process transmitter that must be adapted for safety use, the One Series Safety Transmitter is the first SIL 2-certified transmitter...
United Electric One Series

Upgrading a Pressure Switch from Electromechanical to Solid-State could not be easier.

Pressure - Differential Pressure - Temperature

In fact, when replacing a United Electric J120 pressure switch that interfaces with a PLC or DCS, use the same mounting footprint, same 2-wires and same conduit location!  Viola!  How easy is that!...

Bristol® 5457 Replacement For replacement of the Bristol® 5457, consider the Fairchild Models 24XF and 24XFM.
Why use a Diaphragm Seal?

Diaphragm Seal Selection Guide

High Temperature Assembly Comparison ... More ...

What makes a
Safety Relief Valve
"High Performance"
Auto Seat Technology® is soft seat relief valve design that increases seat life, reduces repairs, and gives the valve a consistent set pressure....
What makes an
Instrument Valve
"High Performance"
Many years of Instrument Valve product development and improvement have yielded design features when combined in one unit provide a true "High Performance" Instrument Valve....
Heat Trace Testing, Installation and Design New materials and controls have made heat trace systems an efficient method of avoiding heat loss and providing temperature control in process equipment. With a wider range of choices and new temperature options and control capabilities...
Pressure & Temperature
Calibration Uncertainty & Techniques
A calibration is a matter of qualifying the sensor-under-test. Only by knowing the limitations of the sensor is it possible to trust the measurements and optimize the process control. In other words, a calibration reading is only valid...
Gauges Without Gears Solve Problems Associated with High Vibration and Pulsation Service

Pressure gauges without gears are known as "Direct Drive" gauges.

Direct-drive pressure gauges replace the “C-shaped” bourdon tube and gears in a standard gauge with a unique helically wound bourdon. The helical bourdon is coupled directly to the shaft pointer, which is the only moving part...