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Upgrading a Pressure Switch from Electromechanical to Solid-State could not be easier.

In fact, when replacing a United Electric J120 or H121 pressure switch that interfaces with a PLC or DCS, use the same mounting footprint, same 2-wires and same conduit location!  Viola!  How easy is that!

Same 2 Wires

This document will guide you thru selecting a "One Series" replacement for the J120 or H121.

United Electric Controls "One Series"

Pressure Differential Pressure Temperature

  • Large digital display for status & process indication
  • 100% programmable set point & deadband for easy adjustability
  • Solid-state design for long-term reliability and for high-vibration applications
  • Explosion-proof, intrinsically safe, nonincendive models for hazardous locations
  • Local & remote diagnostics reporting for maximum reliability
  • SIL Safety Integrated Level capability
  • Available with 4-20 mA output
  • Cost effective vs. a transmitter
  • Multiple approvals including:

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United Electric One Series
United Electric One Series